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Jason PowerSmile All Natural Whitening CoQ10 Tooth Gel - 6 oz
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Jason Natural Products Soothing Toothpaste - Coconut Chamomile - 4.2 oz
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Jason Sea Fresh - All Natural Sea-Sourced Toothpaste Deep Sea Spearmint - 6 oz
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Desert Essence - Natural Tea Tree Oil and Neem Toothpaste Wintergreen - 6.25 oz
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Teeth Whitening Foam Mint Flavor 50 ML
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6 Packs Teeth Whitening Kit Gel Refill
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Electric Dental Calculus Remover Dental Cleaning Device Teeth Cleaner Tooth Whitening Irrigator Remove Tartar Scaler Teeth Care
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Electric Toothbrush Sonic Dental Scaler Teeth Whitening kit Tooth Whitener Calculus Tartar Remover Tools Cleaner Stain Oral Care
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Teeth Care Essentials – Discover the Best Teeth Care Products for a Brighter Smile

A good oral hygiene routine is essential to maintaining healthy and bright teeth. At Earthly Body Beauty, we offer a wide range of natural teeth care products to help you achieve a confident smile. Our all-natural tooth pastes are made with coconut oil, chamomile, and tea tree oil to gently clean your teeth without causing harm to your gums or mouth. The Jason PowerSmile All Natural Whitening CoQ10 Tooth Gel - 6 oz is one of our best-selling products that contains CoQ10. This powerful antioxidant helps to improve gum health and reduce plaque buildup.

We also offer teeth whitening gel and foams that are perfect for those who want to enhance the brightness of their teeth. Our Teeth Whitening Foam Mint Flavor 50 ML is a popular choice among customers who want to achieve a Hollywood smile. This teeth-whitening foam is gentle and easy to use, making it a great option for those looking for an affordable and effective way to whiten their teeth.


Teeth Care Bundles

At Earthly Body Beauty, we understand the importance of having a complete teeth care routine. That's why we offer best tooth paste bundles that contain everything you need to keep your teeth healthy and bright. Our all-natural toothpaste bundle includes six packs of different kinds of toothpaste, including the Jason Natural Products Soothing Toothpaste - Coconut Chamomile - 4.2 oz, the Jason Sea Fresh - All Natural Sea-Sourced Toothpaste Deep Sea Spearmint - 6 oz, and the Desert Essence - Natural Tea Tree Oil and Neem Toothpaste Wintergreen - 6.25 oz.

We also offer a teeth whitening kit gel refill that includes six packs of gel refills, so you can keep your teeth whitening routine going without running out of product. Our electric toothbrush sonic dental scaler is another bundle that combines a powerful toothbrush and a teeth whitening kit, giving you a complete solution for maintaining bright and healthy teeth.

Achieving a Healthy and Radiant Smile with Earthly Body Beauty

At Earthly Body Beauty, we understand the significance of having a healthy and radiant smile. A beautiful smile can greatly boost one's confidence and contribute to good oral health. To achieve this, we offer a diverse range of dental care products that cater to different needs and preferences. Our herbal tooth paste products are formulated with natural and herbal ingredients, ensuring they are safe and gentle on the teeth and gums. Our collection includes toothpastes, whitening gels and foams, and electric toothbrushes designed to deliver optimal results. Whether you're looking for a simple way to brighten your smile or a comprehensive dental care kit, we have the perfect solution. Our products are easy to use and will leave your teeth feeling clean and refreshed.

Take Charge of Your Oral Health Today!

Don't let a lackluster smile keep you from feeling confident and proud. With Earthly Body Beauty, you can achieve a healthy and radiant smile that will boost your confidence and improve your oral health. Our natural and herbal dental care products are designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences. From simple teeth whitening solutions to advanced electric toothbrushes, we have everything you need to get the smile you deserve. So, why wait? Start exploring our collection today and take the first step towards a confident and healthy smile. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Jason PowerSmile All Natural Whitening CoQ10 Tooth Gel contains natural ingredients like CoQ10, aloe vera, and vitamin E, making it a gentle and effective solution for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Yes, the Teeth Whitening Foam Mint Flavor 50 ML is suitable for those with sensitive teeth. It is made with gentle ingredients that won't irritate your gums or mouth.

Yes, all the toothpaste in the all-natural bundle is suitable for sensitive teeth. They are made with gentle ingredients that won't irritate your gums or mouth.

Yes, the electric toothbrush sonic dental scaler can effectively remove plaque and tartar, giving you deep clean, and fresher breath. It also includes a teeth whitening kit to achieve a brighter smile with just one device.

Yes, the teeth whitening products at Earthly Body Beauty are made with all-natural ingredients, making them safe for long-term use. They are also gentle and effective,

Teeth care products have become such a normal part of our daily routine that we don't pay much attention to their importance. However, choosing the best teeth care products for oral hygiene is crucial as it keeps the teeth and mouth healthy. And that is where Earthly Body Beauty comes in because we have all what it takes to keep your mouth healthy and happy.

The best way to remove dangerous germs and plaque from your mouth is by using a combination of an oral hygiene routine that suits your needs. For example, suppose you are brushing your teeth. In that case, you must use organic natural toothpowder regularly to get rid of all the bacteria from your mouth.But, the big question is from where will you find organic natural toothpowder? You will find it at Earthly Body Beauty. We do everything organically and naturally.

Toothpaste is your mouth and health's best friend because everything goes in your body through the mouth, and if that's not adequately cleaned, then you can't entirely stay healthy. Since we are a house that focuses on getting ingredients from the nature for the best results, we provide you products that aren’t chemically harmful to your health. So, if you are looking for best toothpaste for whitening teethor simply toothpaste to strengthen your teeth, then you should know which elements can help you. Here are some elements we add to our products for perfectly organic results.

To your natural toothpowder we add an abrasive element that is gentle on your teeth and enamel but harsh on the plaque and bacteria. It also removes stains from your teeth and make your mouth smell fresh.

We are not talking about real cloth washing detergents here; instead, we are talking about teeth whitening toothpaste agents that we add to make foam in the mouth and dislodges the plaque and food bits so your teeth may become white and sparkly

Every toothpaste or powder you buy from us have treatment elements to help you with teeth whitening, cavity protection, sensitive teeth, and tartar control.

These additives are important in the long run if you want to increase the life of your teeth.

If you are searching for the best whitening toothpaste that also has protective characteristics, then order it today from our website and enjoy amazing deals and discounts.

An unhealthy mouth with cavities, diseases, and plaque is the biggest reason for overall poor health. If these things are not treated promptly and removed, they can cause tarter and much more serious oral issues. That is why you should give priority to health of your mouth with our all natural product range.

Because this is what our oral hygiene products can do for you:

  • We have the best professional teeth whitening systemsrecommended by professionals that keeps your mouth healthy and happy.
  • Our organic formula keeps your tooth's enamel strong by fighting all the decaying elements like cavities.
  • Earthly Body Beauty toothpaste has the ability to help you against tooth decay, gum diseases, sensitivity, and whitening.
  • Brushing your teeth with recommended toothpaste from us keeps them polished and squeaky shiny for longer.

Just like we know that everyone has a different kind of favorite toothpaste, we also know that everyone has a different toothbrush requirement. Because no two mouths are same and every person has a brush type that fits their oral needs. There are many different types of bushes available at our store that you can get according to your liking.

The best thing about our brushes? They are made with 100% natural and recyclable elements so they not only help you staying healthy, but also keeps our earth happy. So, no matter what your gum types are, if you want a certain brush type; we definitely got it.

Enjoy a better health with Earthly Body Beauty

Earthly Body Beauty is a one stop solution for all your body care needs. We got the perfect product for you; from hair care to skin care, we have the right product just for you. If you are a nature lover, then let us connect you with nature with our organic products.

Our products have zero to none negative imprint on the planet and that is what we are proud of. But, that’s not all; along with our best professional tooth whitening systemwe also offer a worldwide delivery. So, wherever you are, you can get the goodness of nature with just a click

Don’t wait and get your favorite products ASAP or talk to our consultants for a quick product recommendation.